Your wedding day is the most important day of your life so you have every reason to want to make it special and unique to yourselves.

EMPRESS can help to make this not just a huge success to you, we can also ensure that your guests, some of whom may have travelled a long distance to be with you also experience a full evening of entertainment. At a typical wedding the age range of the guests can potentially traverse four generations so it is important to ensure that all of your guests enjoy the entertainment throughout the evening.

From your initial enquiry to the last encore we can ensure that the experience will be both memorable and stress free.

The members of EMPRESS have played at literally hundreds of weddings and we know just what makes the event a success and that is dancing !!

Your wedding entertainment can be tailored to your exact requirements to ensure that we meet the needs of you and your guests however a typical wedding evening would consist of background music from around seven as your guests arrive. This would be gradually increased in both tempo and volume as the evening progressed. Our first live set would typically start at around nine and would consist of around fourteen songs of your choice from our extensive repertoire. We can then either take the level back down or ramp it up from the extensive list on our laptop. Our second set would typically start at around 10.40 ish with the sole intention of getting everyone of your guests out of their chairs and on to the dance floor !! The second set will probably last around an hour and fifteen including encores (don’t worry, your guests will be demanding them lol!). Once again we can then either start to wind the evening down to a close with some slower “smoochies” or put on some more great dancing songs to please the night owls.

This is just an example of a typical evening but we are more than happy to work with you in “tailor making” the event to your individual requirements.

All the different options including prices etc can be discussed via phone, email or at leisure in the comfort of your own home as we believe that this is far too important a decision to be making without at least meeting some of the band members so feel free to email or phone us from the contact details and we will be delighted to put together a “no obligation” quote. Better still why nor come and see the band at one of pub gigs. If you choose this option make yourself known to one of the band members as it would be nice to meet you.