Do you play weddings and parties ?

Yes, we have many years of experience in function bands and we guarantee that you and your guests will have a excellent time.

If I book you for my wedding will it be the same band ?

Yes is the short answer. The five members of EMPRESS form the core of the band however over the years we have developed a network of excellent musicians who we can bring in to the band on the rare occasion that a stand in is required due to illness etc.

Would the band look the same ?

Not necessarily as we like to dress more in line with the event. Most pub gigs will see the band in the typical jeans and tee shirt that is quite normal and acceptable in that environment but we will liaise with you and ensure we are dressed appropriately for your function.

Do I need a DJ ?

No is the simple answer as we utilise a laptop based entertainment system with a library of literally thousands of songs that will ensure your guests are entertained throughout the evening. We would typically play appropriate background music as your guests arrive and during the serving of food etc and then depending on the timing and ambience we will tailor the music to suit.

If you prefer to have the full facility of a DJ we are happy to add this to our quote as this is a service we offer.

I am a landlord and working to a budget. How much do you charge ?

Whilst we have put considerable time and money in to the EMPRESS experience we are very conscious that times are pretty tough in the licensing trade and that many landlord/landladies are struggling so we are happy to work within your existing budget. All the members of EMPRESS are passionate about playing music and we get as much fun out of playing as the audience who are watching and dancing. We also realise that pub gigs are our “shop window” and it is quite usual for wedding and party enquiries to come from members of the audience on the night.